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At childrenwish.org, our mission is to bring joy and hope to the lives of children facing challenging circumstances. From foster children to those battling terminal illnesses, we believe that every child deserves a chance to dream and experience moments of happiness. Through your generosity and support, we aim to fulfill their wishes, creating lasting memories and spreading love and positivity. Join us in making a difference in the lives of these extraordinary children

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Navigating the Challenges Faced by Foster Children
  • The Foster Care Journey
  • Emotional Turmoil
  • Disrupted Education
  • Social and Behavioral Dynamics
  • Healthcare and Mental Wellness
  • Transitioning to Adulthood
  • Permanency and Stability
  • Support Networks

  • Sofia

    Sofia's Story began as a dream, but it was shattered by illness and unforeseen changes. In 1998, Sofia, a four-year-old Russian child, caught the attention of Dr. Steve while she was in an orphanage in Russia. Dr. Steve was instantly drawn to her and initiated the process of getting to know her with the intention of adopting her and bringing her to the USA, where he could provide her with opportunities beyond her wildest dreams.

    The nuns caring for Sofia at the orphanage responded to Dr. Steve's letters, welcoming him into the world of bridging distances and showing that care is always within reach. Though the journey was challenging, it was worth every difficulty, as true value often comes from overcoming obstacles.

    In those pre-Y2K days, the journey of finding a child in need, initiating adoption proceedings, and embracing a new life had begun for Dr. Steve and his family. He communicated with Sofia via emails, which the nuns would read to her, and she would respond in her native language. This exchange marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship and a grand adventure.

    Over time, Dr. Steve expressed a stronger desire to adopt Sofia and bring her home. He started by organizing a blanket drive to help the children in the orphanage stay warm during the approaching winter. The response was heartwarming, with many contributing blankets, clothes, toys, and even funds for shipping.

    That Christmas became a memorable one, not just for Sofia but for all the children touched by Dr. Steve's kindness. However, the path to adoption was not straightforward due to international regulations. One adult from Dr. Steve's family had to visit and stay in Russia for a few months to facilitate the adoption process.

    Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Sofia fell ill with pneumonia. Despite efforts to provide her with medical care, the limitations of the system and politics surrounding healthcare for orphans in Russia presented insurmountable challenges. The nuns delivered the devastating news that Sofia's condition required long-term hospitalization, jeopardizing her place in the orphanage.

    The dream of adopting Sofia was shattered, not due to lack of love or effort, but because of circumstances beyond control. Dr. Steve's plans had changed from hopeful adoption to a painful loss of hope. Sofia had left a lasting impact on his heart, and her memory remained strong even as the years went by.

    Driven by his experiences and a desire to make a difference, Dr. Steve eventually founded ChildrensWish.org. This platform aimed to bring hope and fulfill the dreams of foster children, who often struggle to dream amidst life's challenges. Through ChildrensWish.org, Dr. Steve sought to empower every foster child to dream and find solace in their aspirations.

    Will you, Can you, Help support his mission in changing a childs dream into a smile?

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